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What’s going on mobile world? We’ve been working really hard on crafting our debut album, which is yet to remain untitled. We currently have seven songs written towards the album, and are incredibly eager to play for everyone. If you keep up with our newly established social media, you’ll be able to watch us live, chat with us and get some exlcusives before everything officially drops.

While two of our demo song are currently available to purchase in the shop, you will also be able to purchase them on Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, and all major platforms and gaming consoles for the same cost. Please show us some love, and we’ll continue to show it right back.


Set to play an exclusive gig in Sudbury Ontario, December 23rd 2017. Lets celebrate the holidays and new year together right.

Ferrigan’s Pub

20 birch st, Garson, Ontario p3l1t9.
Talk soon,
Brand B
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