Studio Update

As some of you may already know (You damn well should if you’re reading this) we hit the studio with our producer engineer friend Billy Bruhmuller to record an “off the floor” version of our songs. We completed 7 hours in one session recording the sessions live. This allowed us time to write some sweet new vocals, and introduce our sound to the world. That being said, now that we feel we have perfected what has been in the works for several years… we’re ready to return to the studio once again to produce an album that music lovers having been waiting for.

With a new year in tow, we’ve quickly gotten to work at progressing our band forward within the Ontario region. Soon, you will be able to request Lucrecia live on most campus’ radio stations through Ontario, along with a few major syndicates. Details will emerge as we go.

Once we have completed our album, we are planning a video shoot for one of the singles of the release. We won’t give away too many details as the production is still in its very early concepts, but I assure you it’s something you won’t want to miss. The same company that will be shooting our music video is also taking part in the process of our studio documentary “Sound That Saved Our Lives” which you can find exclusively on the website here. The link will be available ONLY on our website, so don’t forget to keep your eyes on these posts.

In the meantime, check out this little video with our un-official manager Zach to give you the DL on whats good.

Soon times,


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